• Oki doki! So first off your pages structuring looks good. We wil just need to fill it in overtime. Next we will need to change the main coloring and add a BG, watermark, and famicon. I' can't do much as a regular user. So it's basically what you exactly want for thr wiki and what fits the series

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    • Okay. I'm ashamed to say that I have no experience with adding the background, watermark and favicon (cause I don't know what kind of size it should be) :(

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    • It's okay When I started i didnt eather. BGs usually are pictures from said series or somethign simiple like you have up now. Watermarks are the ones in the corner next tot the navi (where the name of the wiki is) and for that it's best to find the logo of the series transparent backround and the edit in the word Wiki. Favicons are even easier. Just search for a favicon generator, pick a picture, use the generator and boom, the favicon is yours :)

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    • Ok! I'll find the watermark and favicon sometime later and I think the background should remain as it is. It looks kinda cute. Anymore that I need to fix?

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    • A FANDOM user
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